Falling Gasoline Prices-- Another Obama Failure?

By John W. Lillpop

Most presidents running for reelection would be wildly ecstatic over news that gasoline prices were falling sharply, just months before election day.

Most, that is.

However, America is stuck in the Obama era, where up is down, in is out, and right is wrong.

Under the Obama madness, falling gasoline prices are a bad economic indicator because lower prices will inevitably lead to increased consumption, which, according to those afflicted with the Obamamite mentality, is worse than sky-high prices, because consumption will further pollute the environment and despoil all that is good and wonderful on this planet.

\And since liberals do not believe that there is a higher power (God) to watch over the landscape, the forces of doom and gloom (White Republicans) essentially have a free hand to pulverize and pummel good people with impunity.

Which is why, as Americans learned early in 2012, the Secretary of the U.S. Energy Department, an amicable chap by the name of Dr. Steven Chu, an elitist lefty who does not even own an automobile, is on record as saying that it is the objective of the US government to push gas prices as high as possible.

Get that?

Whilst middle-class Americans are driven to distraction by spiking prices at the pump, the President of the U.S. and fellows like Dr. Chu go to work every day with an eye to doing whatever they can to get gas to $7 or $8 a gallon, or more!

And they have the unmitigated gall to call themselves “Public servants”?

Despite the best efforts of Barack Obama and Dr. Chu, there IS good news for the common man and woman: Namely, gasoline prices are in sharp decline and there may be a glut of the stuff.

All of which means that when it comes to energy, Obama’s signature incompetence which has devastated the US economy, our military readiness, our sovereignty, social values, religious freedom, and nearly every other aspect of American life, has finally spilled over to gas prices!

Obama is so inept that his attempts to solve any problem inevitably leads to the exact opposite.

The fall of gasoline prices: The law of supply and demand or simply another Obama failure??