Erick Holder’s Curious Decision-Making Apparatus

By John W. Lillpop

When Eric Holder first became aware of the eligibility issues polluting Florida’s voter rolls, one would have expected the Attorney General to call for immediate action to get to the bottom of the mess.

As Barack Obama’s top cop, Holder would have been expected to initiate an exhaustive investigation into voting practices that would allow illegal aliens and dead people to be listed as eligible. He would have also been expected to demand that ineligible folks be deleted from the rolls as soon as possible.

Given the extreme closeness forecast for the November election, Holder could not have be faulted for dispatching a paramilitary team of experts to protect and defend the integrity of the election in the Sunshine state.

After all, nothing is more important than the integrity of the vote, right Attorney General?  The essence of our form of self-governance is based on the fairness and integrity of the system that registers, conducts, and tallies the will of the people as expressed in the privacy of the voting booth.

Unfortunately, Eric Holder’s first (and only) action to date in this embarrassing fiasco has been to castigate Florida state officials for purging the voters’ registryof ineligible persons!

The clueless Holder even sued Florida to stop the purging.

For those whom are not paying attention, there is a huge national election scheduled for November 6. President Obama’s future and that of our very nation are at stake.

Thinking ahead somewhat, no doubt the Obama Administration was alarmed at the number of illegal aliens that Florida planned to purge.

After all, there is the sizeable Hispanic vote to consider and, since the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens are Hispanic, it might be seen as discriminatory, or even racist, to deny any Hispanic the right to vote, over a minor technicality such as eligibility.

Right, Attorney General?

Some may quibble over the notion that eligibility is a “minor technicality” when it comes to our Democracy.

But consider this: The Democrat Party, in cahoots with the mainstream media, have delivered unto us The One --Barack Hussein Obama -- who may himself be ineligible to serve as president!

Remember, the word “vetting” was never even considered when Obama’s presidential aspirations became known.

He was qualified by virtue of his race (black), his ideology(Radical leftist), and his party affiliation (Democrat).

Besides, Barack Obama was, according to Joe Biden, “clean and articulate,” and unburdened by a “Negro dialect, “ a fact pointed out by Harry Reid, Democrat leader of the Senate.

Wow! A black, Marxist, Democrat who sounds white and is clean and articulate!

With those facts going for him, Obama was a shoo-in and God-send for Democrats.

Four years later, Democrats are paying dearly for their foolish sloppiness in 2008.

The big question facing America now: Can, and will, the American people atone for their grievous error in 2008 by terminating the service of Barack Obama and his incompetent, corrupt administration, including the likes of Eric Holder?

Pray that the answer is yes. Pray HARD!