Top 10 “Right Things To Do,” from a Conservative Perspective

By John W. Lillpop

Not so very long ago, America was a nation of laws, operated by a government that promoted civility and allowed our blessed country to produce the most successful and prosperous society in human history.

Unfortunately, the era of Barack Obama has seen the deterioration of American values and culture. Today, governance is accomplished by shallow, narcissistic, bureaucratic, progressives who do not respect the rule of law, Congress, or the even US Constitution.

Rather than solid fundamentals, modern-day, Obama liberal elitists govern by the seat of their pants based on vague, naive notions such as a perceived “Right thing to do.”

That phrase was how Obama recently justified his outrageous hijacking of established immigration laws.

But what would happen if the next Republican president (January, 2013, pray God!) mimics Obama and governs according to a partisan agenda rather than according to the Constitution?

Should that happen, President Romney could be expected to announce the following changes which would be enacted via an Executive Order without Congressional consultation or approval.

The Top Ten “Right Things to Do” from a conservative perspective might be as follows:

 Roe V. Wade is no longer enforced as the law of the land. Rather, abortion is considered murder, and both the woman & killing doctor are guilty of capital crimes;

 America’s membership in the United Nations is terminated, and no taxpayer money may be spent in support thereof;

 State and local laws that limit or impede 2nd Amendment gun rights are null and void—and unenforceable;

 The size and scope of the federal government is to reduced by eliminating the EPA, IRS, and Department of Education;

 Marriage is (only) between one man and one woman;

 Affirmative action, set aside and other programs which discriminate against Caucasians, and or men, are unlawful and will not be enforced;

 100,000 armed US troops will be stationed at the US-Mexico border to keep unwanted, foreign invaders out;

 English is the official, and ONLY, language used in speech or written form in America;

 All federal budgets must be balanced, and the national debt ceiling can never be raised without approval by two-thirds of the US House and Senate.

How might the liberal media and Obama elitists regard the conservative “Right Thing To Do” list?