America Still Haunted by Legacy of GW Bush!

By John W. Lillpop

President George W. Bush, 43rd president and second worst in US history, continues to impact life in America in a most distressing manner.

Bush,  the most liberal “conservative” to ever serve, is linked inexorably to both decisions rendered by the SCOTUS this week.

With respect to illegal immigration and the SCOTUS ruling on SB 1070, Arizona’s common sense law for dealing with invaders, Bush 43 was an advocate for illegal aliens and, thus, an opponent of American sovereignty and culture.

Bush set the precedent for inaction and irresponsibility, a precedent that Barack Obama has cheerfully adopted and made even worse with extreme abuses of power and racial pandering to Hispanics.

If Bush had been a real conservative and dedicated patriot, he would have sealed the US-Mexico border on September 12, 2001 following the 911 attacks by Al-Quaeda. He would have kept the borders closed and would have ordered that the 12-30 million invaders living in the US be rounded up, one by one, and kicked back across the border.

If Bush had been in possession of even a hint of common sense, he would have ordered an immediate end to foreign aid to Mexico, and would have demanded that the banditos running that third-world cesspool keep their uneducated, unskilled peasants out of America, or risk war.

Indeed, the invasion of America by illegals should be seen as an act of war, not as a voter recruitment opportunity as seen by the absolute worst president in US history, the very forgettable, Barack Obama.

Unfortunately for America, Bush did nothing to defend the borders or enforce the law. As a result, America has become a dumping ground for corrupt Mexican leaders looking to offload their problems for American taxpayers to handle.

Then there is the matter of ObamaCare, the Marxist take-over of 1/6th of the American economy.

ObamaCare survived a Supreme Court test because Chief Associate John Roberts voted with the liberals on the court and said to hell with America!

Before yesterday, the appointment of John Roberts to SCOTUS seemed to be one of the bright spots on Bush’s otherwise wretched record of disservice to we the people.

Alas, John Roberts turned turncoat on America by voting with the confirmed lefties on the bench, unleashing ObamaCare on an innocent nation.

Once again, the legacy of GW Bush torpedoes the good people of this great nation.

May the likes of GW Bush NEVER again occupy the White House!