“What more do we want Obama to do for us”? The Top Ten!

By John W. Lillpop

Alleged funnyman David Letterman got off his best line of the year when he recently asked this about Barack Obama:    “What more do we want this man to do for us?"

LOL, Dave!

Herewith, The Top Ten Things that Obama can do for America and our Democracy NOW:

10: Stop Apologizing to foreign world leaders for past American administrations and policies—instead, admit Obama’s own wrong minded agenda and failures, and apologize to the American people!

9: Stop ignoring the Rule of Law with respect to America’s borders and immigration laws. Stop suing states like Arizona and Alabama for protecting their citizens from foreign invaders!

8: Stop trying to replace free-market capitalism with European-style socialism;

7: Stop the ongoing cover-up in “Fast and Furious” and other scandals involving Eric Holder and the DOJ;

6: Stop ignoring the US Constitution and the War Powers Act in actions involving war. Obama’s actions in the recent war in Libya are more impeachable offenses.

5: Stop using the tax code as a Marxist tool to “redistribute” American wealth to favored constituents, thereby further dividing Americans on the basis of class;

4: Stop purging the military defenses of America;

3: Stop ignoring exploding deficits and the administration’s addiction to deficit spending. Face unsustainable entitlements in an honest and forthright manner, and implement responsible reform;

2: Stop the assaults on constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of religion, as evidenced by recent demands which would force the Catholic Church to cover certain procedures which violate fundamental tenets of Catholicism;

And the #1 “More” that Obama Must Do For We the People:

1: Stop leaking sensitive national security information to the New York Times and other media in order to make the president appear to be a tough, decisive Commander-in-Chief. Such leaks unnecessarily endanger innocent American lives and, as such, are impeachable offenses.

There you go—ten reasonable steps that Obama must take for the benefit of the American people!