Time to End “Occupation” of America by Foreign Invaders!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s agenda for “transforming” America into a Marxist state has been foiled in large part by the American people who, in November, 2010, booted 66 Democrats out of the U.S. House and muted former speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The liberal hold on the U.S. Senate was also diminished, leaving Harry Reid with far less power and influence.

The elections of 2010 may have saved the republic from creeping Marxism; however, there are formidable challenges remaining.

For example, there is the occupation of America by 12-20 million, non-English speaking invaders who are a huge drain on America’s economy and cultural heritage. What other civilized nation would tolerate such an outrage?

Unfortunately, anti-American zealots occupy the White House and are present in the U.S. Congress as well. All are Democrats, such as Luis Guitterz, the Hispanic racist from Illinois who hates the rule of law and white people in equal measure.

There is a slight ray of hope. A recent poll conducted by Democrat pollsters suggests that, if the presidential election were held today, Barack Obama would join 14 million other Americans in the unemployment line.

The hope is that the poll will nudge our Marxist community organizer a smidgen to the right and toward common sense.

Obama could improve his standing with the American people by aggressively working to end the occupation of America by illegal aliens including the following steps:

( )Secure our borders, with military force if needed. We need a permanent, sizable military presence at the border to protect American citizens from invasion by criminals from Mexico;

( )Drop any and all plans to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, including the idiotic and wasteful “Dream” outrage. America is in desperate financial straits: We simply cannot waste additional billions on invading criminals at the expense of American citizens;

( )Cease all foreign aid to Mexico until that nation takes action to keep its citizens from invading America. Mexico needs to prevent, rather than encourage, its people from coming north illegally.

Finally, Mr. President, you should cherish and love the U.S. Constitution and rule of law.

What are the odds that Obama will act to end the occupation of America? Not good since he sees illegal aliens as potential Democrats.

Still, with even Democrat pollsters painting a grim picture for the president, perhaps he will see truth and start reversing the invasion and occupation of America!

Ref: http://www.washingtontimes.com/blog/inside-politics/2011/jul/21/poll-weakened-obama-would-lose-vote-today/