Just What Are Obama and Boehner Discussing in Those Secret Meetings?

Call me a skeptic, cynic, or even a Doubting Thomas when it comes to the secret, private meetings allegedly taking place at the White House between President Obama and Speaker John Boehner about the debt-ceiling crisis.

For several weeks now, the media have reported that these two “public servants” have sequestered themselves somewhere in the White House for hours of one-on-one negotiations, undertaken to end the bitter stalemate over raising the debt-ceiling, thereby avoiding a default come August 2.

Obama and Boehner have allegedly worked late into nights and on weekends, in addition to hours spent blabbing on the telephone.

The two even held a highly celebrated and public negotiation on the golf course, along with VP Biden and Ohio Governor John Kasich.

While it is undeniable that the issue is hugely sensitive and a veritable political land mine for all involved, the fact is that Obama is stridently opposed to any and all spending cuts while Boehner is just as adamant in opposing taxes, or anything remotely resembling same.

So why the hell does it take these two powerful men hours and hours on end to keep saying, “Keep your slimy Republican hands off Social Security and Medicare!” in Obama’s case, and “Read my lips—no new or old taxes!” in Boehner’s case?

Suspicious minds want to know!

A conspiracy theory worth considering: Both Obama and Boehner know that America’s financial mess is so icky that the only way out is through default and bankruptcy. No other solution is viable, nothing else will work.

So why the hours and hours of torture behind closed doors?

It’s all a fa├žade, folks! The President and Speaker have conceded that America will tank on August 3, but are engaging in these phantom meetings to give the appearance of working their fingers to the bones to avoid the default pain.

In truth, the president and Boehner shoot hoops in the White House gym for an hour or so, or until Boehner, a heavy smoker, collapses. Boehner then goes home, after logging out on the official White House visitor record.

There are no marathon meetings between these two powerful leaders, except for games of HORSE, inevitably won by the president!