Barack Talks to a Banker About Raising the Debt Ceiling

Satire by John Lillpop

Anyone who has ever applied for a loan from a bank knows that the federal government’s current efforts to raise the debt ceiling would most likely be rejected by most financial institutions.

Still, it might be fun to imagine what would happen if Barack Obama was forced to jump through normal hoops in order to raise the debt ceiling.

We imagine the following dialog might take place:

Banker: Good morning, Mr. Obama. Please have a seat. You don’t mind if I call you Barack, do you?

BHO: Actually, I prefer “Mr. President.”

Banker: Great. Now about your application, Barack ,you are looking to increase your credit limit, is that right?

BHO: That is correct.

Banker: And what is the purpose? I do not see that listed here---

BHO: The increased limit is to accommodate urgently needed additional spending.

Banker: Ouch! This must be a typo, Barack. According to this, your current obligations exceed your income, leaving you with a substantial deficit every month. That must be an error?

BHO: Actually, it’s easily explained. We have had some ferocious headwinds recently that have set us back, and ---

Banker: You mean to say these are your actual numbers? You are already running a deficit and you want us to increase your credit line?

BHO: It’s just a temporary bleep that we are in and I expect---

Banker: Sir, I am sorry! It would be totally reckless and irresponsible of this institution to enable you to get further in debt. With all due respect, sir, your have a devastating spending problem. You need to stop spending, Barack!

BHO: What are you, some sort of Tea Party racist or something?

Banker: Mr. Obama, I must ask to leave this bank immediately. There is no way we can help you. Perhaps the Bank of Greece could help?

THAT is how any sane person would respond to Obama’s scam. Unfortunately, Obama is dealing with the Congress where sanity is never in vogue!