Borders “Never More Secure”? Not According to Rap Sheet for Jose Vigil Carbajal!

By John W. Lillpop

Homeland Security boss lady Janet Napolitano has repeatedly stated that the U.S.-Mexico border has never been more secure. Her spin is intended to counter demands that the borders be secured before “comprehensive reform,” otherwise known as amnesty, is even considered.

Its all part of the sinister Obama master plan to fundamentally CHANGE America by importing and granting amnesty to millions of non-English speaking foreign invaders who, if promised enough goodies, can be counted on to vote Democratic for decades.

Never mind that such a tactic threatens American sovereignty, economic health, culture and language.

All that matters to Obama and the left is the golden opportunity to build the base of the Democrat Party with millions of docile sheep ripe for brain washing as useful idiots.

Unfortunately for Napolitano and Obama, huge holes in the actual border, and in the liberal argument, continue to ridicule the notion that the border is secure.

The latest outrage comes from Escondido, California as reported in part at the reference:

ESCONDIDO — A 25-year-old man with an extensive criminal history who has been repeatedly deported was detained this week in Escondido, police said Thursday.
Jose Vigil Carbajal, 25, was stopped Monday by Escondido police officers for a vehicle-code violation, said police Lt. Craig Carter. He was turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement officials and was scheduled to again be removed from the country. According to ICE, he has been deported 15 times.

Carbajal’s criminal record includes four arrests for driving under the influence, one arrest for hit-and-run and two arrests for driving with a suspended license.

It was the third time that Escondido police have detained Carbajal, Carter said. The first was last November, also for a vehicle-code violation. The second was May 11 for disturbing the peace while attending a party.

In each case, Carbajal was deported after being turned over to ICE officials under a program called Operation Joint Effort.

The program, launched in May 2010, partners Escondido police with federal immigration-enforcement officers in an effort to help identify and arrest criminal illegal immigrants.

Since its inception, ICE officials have arrested 539 illegal immigrants who were previously deported, had a criminal history or were ICE fugitives at large.

Among those arrested, 70 had drug convictions, 49 had assault convictions, 13 had sexual assault convictions, 141 had DUI convictions, 43 had theft convictions and 19 had gang-related convictions. Twenty have been arrested in Escondido multiple times.”

Deported 15 times, including three times over the past nine months?

Good grief, Madam Secretary, how in the hell does that qualify as “Never more secure” ?

The progressive impulse to ignore homeland security in order to grow the Democrat Party base is out of control! On a scale damn near as disastrous as the party’s idiotic stance on spending and deficits.

Awaken, America! Your nation is being sold out to illegal aliens by politicians who hate this beloved nation.