Michelle Had a Burger, Fries & Shake for Lunch. So What?

By John W. Lillpop

So, America’s Queen of Food Safety, the girth-bound Michelle Obama, strayed from her diet of fresh garden veggies and other really boring eats and instead ate like a real American for a change!

It ain’t much, but it is a start toward converting the FLOTUS from celery sticks, spinach and other communist foods to red-blooded American burgers, fries, and shakes!

As reported at the reference, in part:

“A Washington Post reporter spotted the First Lady ordering a burger, fries and a chocolate milkshake for lunch on Monday at a local Washington D.C. Shake Shack. The report makes it clear that there is not evidence that Mrs. Obama actually devoured all of the fast food herself or shared it amongst friends, since the entire restaurant was shut down for her lunch.”

As Joe Biden would say, “This is a Big F****ing Deal!”


Who in the hell cares what Michelle Obama eats and how much?

Good heavens, given the fact that she is betrothed to a pathological liar with an ego the size of that Shake Shack, it is a wonder that the woman does not gulp down 6,000-8000 calories a day—for lunch alone!

To that Washington Post reporter I say, “Keep you damn nose of Michelle’s food!”

To Michelle I say, ”Eat what you like darling, just Keep you damn nose out of my food!”