Old Glory No Longer “Cool”?

By John W. Lillpop

June 14 used to be celebrated as Flag Day. A day set aside to remember Old Glory and the brave American heroes who fought and died to keep her aloft and symbolic of American Exceptionalism.

June 14 used to be the day when patriotic Americans would fly Old Glory in front of homes, schools, churches and businesses as a show of unity with the peoples of the greatest nation on earth.

Yesterday was June 14, yet there was scant evidence of Old Glory in San Jose, California where I maintain my humble abode.

Old Glory was not mentioned in the local newspapers or on television. Its as if the Old Gal is no longer important enough—even the flag burners hardly bother torching her anymore.

In the modern vernacular, the American flag is now “old school” which is not cool in an era devoted to worshiping all things fresh and young.

Perhaps the ongoing Obama scandals are also to blame, at least partially?

Indeed, flying the Stars and Stripes may be viewed by IRS crack pots as too “patriotic,” and a clear sign that an intense and invasive audit of the self-admitted patriot is called for?

Showing off Old Glory might even send a signal to weasels at the NSA to watch your phone calls, e-mails, and tweets for any sign of excessive patriotism that might jeopardize national security, or even more ghastly, Obama’s approval ratings?

To hell with all that, says I. Old Glory is the most beautiful symbol of freedom and decency ever created.

She shall always be welcome in my home!