Michelle Obama: America’s Graceless Princess?

By John W. Lillpop

With tens of millions of Americans under or unemployed, millions more fighting to save their homes and hopes for retirement, one would expect those who profess to be for the “little guy” to be more circumspect when traveling at taxpayer expense.

Yet, there she is, the self-ordained Princess of Progressive America, Michelle Obama, spending money as recklessly and foolishly as if she were an official member of the Obama Administration.

As reported at the reference, Michelle’s excesses include a hotel room in Dublin, immodestly named the Princess Grace Suite, which strongly suggests that Mrs. Obama has decided not to wait for the official ancestry research of Barack to be completed: She has decided that The One and She are of royalty stock, a decision which supports her $3,300 a night lodging at the Princess Grace Suite:

The costs include, but are not limited to, Air Force One travel costs which are approximately $180,000 per hour when the aircraft is off the ground. Additional costs on this trip include the two modes of transportation needed – Air Force One and Air Force Two – as the president and the rest of his family will be separated. Also, First Lady Michelle and her daughters are reportedly staying in the Five-Star Shelbourne Hotel where 30 rooms had been reserved for Mrs. Obama’s entourage and secret service security for the family. The hotel’s website says the facility has no vacancies during the time the First Family members are there. The First Lady is staying in a luxurious Princess Grace suite that costs $3,300 per night. The Princess Grace Suite has two beds, two bathrooms, four phones, and three large televisions. United States tax-payers pay for First Family travel expenses.

While the president is at the G8 Summit, First Lady Michelle and First Daughters Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11, will be out-and-about doing a variety of activities including the investigation of the Obamas’ ancestry from Ireland. It was previously researched that President Barack Obama’s great-great-great grandfather was from Moneygall, Co. Offaly. The great-great-great grandfather and his son Falmouth Kearney came to the United States in 1850.”

Whatever the family tree reveals, one fact is sure: Michelle Obama is NO Princess Grace!

Reference: http://www.examiner.com/article/michelle-obama-s-dublin-hotel-room-costs-3-300-per-night