Barack Obama Has His Way With Susan Rice!

By John W. Lillpop

Have Republicans managed to get into the head of President Obama?

The question is posed because of Obama’s petulant action as concerns Susan Rice, one- time Ambassador to the United Nations and most prominently in the news recently for presenting a discredited time line about the events surrounding the September 11 Benghazi attack to five major Sunday news shows last September, whilst America was in the middle of a heated political campaign.

Republicans still take umbrage with Rice for her role in the Benghazi scandal, and raised such a fuss that Obama was eventually forced to abandon his plan to elevate Rice to the position of Secretary of State to replace Hillary Clinton, who is already running to replace Obama in 2016.

One senses that the President was none too pleased with what he saw as the GOP’s shoddy treatment of his good and faithful servant, the "do as you are told" loyalist, Susan Rice.

No doubt smoldering anger and resentment drove Obama to “revenge politics,” a sadistic form of political gamesmanship used by spoiled brats, mostly out-of-touch elitist intellectuals in their 50s, to turn serious issues like national security into grudge matches for marble matches gone awry.

In psychological babble-talk, Barack is clearly failing in his efforts to keep his “Inner Child of the Past” under control.

Which explains his decision to appoint Rice as his next security adviser, a position that does not require approval from anyone except The One himself.

No damn Republican input required, or desired!

How’s that for an “In Your Face” slap down from Obama’s little boy?

Mature observers will note that national security IS about more than marble matches and the hurt feelings of a scorned brat, however precocious he may be!