Breaking News: Not All Illegal Aliens Are ‘Good-hearted, Hard-working’!

By John W Lillpop

President George W. Bush never met an illegal alien that he would deport!  W. is famous for describing illegal aliens as ‘good hearted-hard working’ blokes, worthy, in his mangled mind, of citizenship, food stamps, and all of the other booty that comes with the American Dream because---well, because they are allegedly ‘good-hearted, hard working’ and Latino.

Before he issues another blanket endorsement of illegals, W. would do well to consider the foibles of illegal alien Luis de La Garza, well-known former immigration activist now behind bars for robbing 19 banks in Texas.

The full story as reported from the reference:

It's people who believe they have "rights" to things they don't have "rights" to that would do this sort of thing, IMHO. This man has lived here for 10 years....and he began breaking our laws as soon as he came to our country illegally. I guess it becomes easy after that.

"This week Texas FBI captured the prolific bank robber dubbed the “Mesh Mask Bandit” who is tied to at least 19 bank robberies in northern Texas.

Former Latino community leader and immigrants-right advocate, Luis de La Garza has been fingered as the “Mesh Mask Bandit”. He was given that name for the mesh masks he wore to carry out his bank robberies."

De la Garza, a Mexican immigrant, had been very active in immigration issues in Farmers Branch, Texas where he has lived for at least a decade. His Wikipedia page says he was born in Mexico City.

Latino activists he worked with considered him “one of the most dynamic local leaders.” He was admired across the border as well, having been invited to the inauguration of President Felipe Calderon in 2006. He also worked with the administration of former Mexican President Vicente Fox on immigrant advocacy issues.

Reports indicate his legal woes started in 2005 when he pled guilty to failing to file a corporate tax return. Others say it started before that, when he was operating the local Spanish-language TV station and failed to pay his employees. Most recently he was charged with shoplifting over $200 worth of items from a Dallas Wal-Mart.

Today De la Garza is charged with bank robbery and authorities are working on tying him to at least 18 other robberies in North Texas. The robberies were all similar says the FBI – the bandit walks into a bank wearing his trademark mask covering his face, shows a gun to the teller, demands cash and runs off. Authorities believe the first bank heist by the ‘Mesh Mask Bandit’ occurred on New Year’s Eve.

"Meanwhile the Latino community in North Texas is wondering what happened to De La Garza that his ‘immigrant living the American Dream life’ took such a wrong turn.”

Actually, the wrong turn was taken when this thug invaded America and became a resident illegal.

This is the sort of tramp that morons like Marco Rubio and the “Gang of Eight” are fighting for!