2016: Can America Afford An Over- the-Hill Lefty and Her Meandering Hubby Back in White House?

By John W. Lillpop

As President Barack Obama continues to make a mockery of American Exceptionalism with domestic scandal and tyranny, AND heretofore unprecedented examples of executive incoherence and incompetence on the international stage (G8, Putin, Syria), The One who just a few short years ago was hailed as The long-awaited Messiah for all peoples of the world, has devolved into a first-class embarrassment, especially for patriotic Americans.

After Obama’s disastrous speech in Germany following his pummeling at the hands of Super Bowl ring thief and Russian hit man Vladimir Putin, the world is surely asking: How was this man elected in the first place, and how in the hell was he re-elected?

Is this what the once-great America has come to?

Great questions, those! In answer, America needs to cull out pretenders and naïve community organizers from the pool of candidates offered as presidential candidates in the future.

Our nation also needs to get over the Rock Star phenomenon when electing presidents!

That would certainly apply to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who has tried to run away from her own scandal involving the slaughter of four American diplomats in Benghazi, Libya.

Because she is a liberal Democrat, the mainstream media have created an image of the Hildabeast as America’s best hope in a “Post-Obama” world. This despite the fact that she accomplished NOTHING as Secretary of State, and is widely known as a congenital liar.

On top of all that, on October 26, 2016 the Hildabeast will turn 69, an age more appropriately suited for doting over grand children (assuming Chelsea eventually conceives).

Only Ronald Reagan was older (by several months) when elected to the presidency.

Lest we forget, Hillary is also married to a sex-addicted, impeached perjurer who disgraced the White House for eight awful years while holding the Oval Office under siege.

That man, Bill Clinton, will turn 70 in August 2016.

With all due respect to the Clintons, does America really need to install an over-the-hill, failed Secretary of State and her derelict mate after eight years of ruin at the hands of Barack Obama?

Come on, patriots, surely we can do better!