Listen Up, Marco Rubio: Pay for Border Security by Reducing Foreign Aid Sent to Mexico!

By John W. Lillpop

Any remaining doubts as to the mental fitness of Senator Marco Rubio (R-FLA) to represent conservative thought and American ideals in the debate over amnesty were shattered when the Senator offered the following convoluted justification for legalizing the 11 million(closer to 40 million!), invaders before securing the border.

Rubio’s mental collapse was reported thusly at the reference:

Why is it necessary to legalize the roughly 11 million currently-illegal immigrants in the U.S. before newly enhanced border security and internal enforcement measures are in place? Sen. Marco Rubio, the leading Republican on the Senate’s Gang of Eight, says part of the reason is that the federal government can’t afford to secure the border on its own and needs financial help from the immigrants themselves, in the form of fines paid when they are legalized.

Rubio made the statement during a radio interview after he voted against an amendment from Republican Sen. Charles Grassley that would have put off legalization until after the border is secure — a position supported by majorities of voters across the political spectrum. Host Andrea Tantaros asked Rubio why he opposed something that was important “to so many in the Republican party?”

Rubio’s first reason was that the U.S. has no other choice than to legalize the 11 million. Enhancing security first would take an estimated four years, and Rubio declared, “We cannot wait another four years with 11 million people living in this country illegally without knowing who they are or why they’re here.”

But there was another reason. “We need to register them as soon as possible, not just to keep the problem from getting worse, but we’re going to require them to pay a fine, and that’s the money that we are going to use to pay for the border security,” Rubio explained. “If we don’t get that fine money from the people that have violated our immigration laws, then the American taxpayer is going to have to pay for border security.”

Rubio’s assertion is sort of like Barack Obama’s idiotic argument in 2009 that the US should legalize invaders in order to cover said criminals under ObamaCare!

According to Rubio and Obama, perhaps law enforcement should stop arresting known bank robbers until enough money is raised to build the prisons and penal infrastructure needed to accommodate the miscreants?

Tragically, Rubio apparently also shares Obama’s utter disregard for rule of law and American sovereignty. He also shares Obama’s ‘surrender to evil’ mentality!

Why not give the rule of law a chance, Marco?

After all, American citizens have been waiting for 27 years, since adoption of the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act(IRCA), for our government to enact the enforcement provisions of IRCA.

So big damn deal if the invaders have to live in the shadows for another four years or so!

BONUS: We can pay for border security by subtracting the costs from the foreign aid sent to third-world nations like Mexico?

A win-win, Marco? In America’s favor, no less!