War on Terror Is No More: So, NSA Can Stand Down, Right, Barack?

By John W. Lillpop

The simply awful news of the week is that America’s precious freedoms as provided for in the grand experiment called Democracy has been scuttled by a Marxist community organizer posing as President who fancies himself as a Constitutional scholar, and who falsely promotes himself as a world-class advocate of transparency and open government.

Obama’s latest impeachable scandal is all the more bitter when one considers that while NSA snooped and spied on hundreds of millions of innocent Americans, Islamic killers like the Boston Bombers eluded US authorities and were able to kill and mutilate Boston Marathon participants, despite specific, multiple warnings from foreign authorities.

But, alas, the good news of the week is that NSA’s illegal and unconstitutional assault on We the People was executed in the name of boosting counter- terrorism projects by Obama’s inept government.

Therefore, now that the war on terror is over, declared as such by our clueless  Commander-in-Chief himself, the new order of the day from the President to NSA to Verizon, Yahoo etc. is: STAND DOWN AGAINST AMERICA!

Right, Barack?