Gist of SCOTUS Voter Discrimination Ruling: Enough Is Enough!

By John W. Lillpop

In acting to tone down the Federal Government’s over reach in implementing the voting rights act of 1965, the SCOTUS echoed the feelings of millions of ordinary Americans: Enough is enough!

After five decades , the time has come to level the playing field--- in the other direction.

The ruling correctly recognizes the significant progress that has been made while acknowledging that more remains to be done.

What better time to rethink the issues than now? After all, our African-American President is starting his second four-year term in office: Proof positive that dramatic change is in place, and that American states no longer need to be bullied about like school kids.

Time for minority communities to stand on their own merits as well. Having a sugar daddy in Washington, D.C. is sweet, but independence and freedom is even more so.

Hail be to the SCOTUS for nudging America in the right direction on this vital issue!