Will SCOTUS Rule That “Government of, by, and for the People” Is Unconstitutional?

By John W. Lillpop

In 2008, 13.7 million California voters did their civic duty by voting on Proposition 08, the state initiative which sought to define marriage as being valid only when it involved one man and one woman

The election was won by Prop 08 advocates who garnered 51.1 % of the popular vote, to 49.9 % recorded by those opposed.

The ballot measure was bitterly contested, and hugely expensive. A total of $83 million was spent by both sides.

Despite the millions of votes cast and fortunes spent on the proposition, both for and against,  the issue of gay marriage is still in bitter contention in California, and throughout America.

Just this week, the gay marriage row reached the rarefied air of the US Supreme Court where nine Associate Justices, dutifully wrapped in black robes and reflecting appropriately somber countenances for the occasion, gathered to consider whether 13.7 million voters in California had sufficient intelligence, wisdom, and morality to decide the issue for marriages to be sanctioned in California.

Although no one is sure how the SCOTUS will ultimately rule,  the fact that the issue has even risen to the level of the Supreme Court is astounding!

Whatever happened to the democratic principle of “Government Of, By and for the People”?

What better definition of tyranny could there be than nine   elitist intellectuals ruling to invalidate the results of a free and open election conducted in a democratic setting?

What the hell makes the opinion of Ruth Beta Ginsberg, John Scalia, or any of the other Supremes so much superior to the views of the ordinary citizens of California?

Perhaps the time has come to change our election laws?

Instead of asking common men and women to decide issues of great importance, why not submit the thorniest matters directly  to the SCOTUS brothers and sisters and go around We the People, to begin with?

Especially, since We the People are utterly powerless to oppose the tyranny of the SCOTUS?