Challenge for GOP: What is a Politician Profited, If He or She Shall Gain Elective Office, But Lose the Nation?

By John W Lillpop

Rand Paul alleges that he is a conservative. Claims to be a patriotic, pro-American loyalist who can be trusted to protect the Constitution and the interests of American citizens.


Then why in the hell is the Senator from Kentucky making ‘Hispandering’ a part of his public persona?

Why is he willing to discard American sovereignty and cultural heritage for the fantasy of securing a few more votes from the illegal alien race?

As reported at the reference, Paul’s despicable surrender to the open borders, anti-rule of law thugs was delivered in a groveling presentation to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:

Paul's first major speech on the topic came the same day the Iowa Republican Party announced he would headline their annual fundraiser -- a coveted stage for auditioning presidential candidates -- and one day after a Republican National Committee report embraced immigration reform as a way to boost the party's appeal with Hispanic voters.

Paul's speech to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Washington was striking not for its policy details -- in fact, they were quite fuzzy -- but for the obvious charm offensive it represented toward the fastest growing part of the electorate.

I think his goal is to appeal to a broader audience," said Sal Russo, a chief adviser to the Tea Party Express and a longtime Republican strategist. "Immigration is not a defining Tea Party issue like spending and debt, and there is a wide spectrum of viewpoints on it. I think it's a political winner."

Paul is not fluent in Spanish but he slipped into the language several times during his speech, drawing applause from the Hispanic audience for his above-average pronunciation. The senator from Bowling Green, Kentucky, also reminded the audience that he grew up alongside many Hispanics in Texas.”

Senator Paul thus joins an ever-expanding gang of alleged “Conservative” Republicans whom are racing as quickly as possible away from the needs and interests of American citizens in order to assuage people who have no right to even be in the country.

All for the foolish fantasy of appeasing foreign invaders and their advocates who do not give a damn about Democracy, the US Constitution, the rule of law, English heritage, and especially the silly (to them) notion of American sovereignty!

Paul, along with stalwarts like Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Marco Rubio, and other GOP dim bulbs, actually believe that pandering to Hispanics will improve the chances that Latinos will suddenly switch political allegiance in favor of the GOP.

However, Senator Paul and others fail to recognize that the Latino voting block is a ‘very high maintenance’ group, and that a few concessions will most likely not tear Latinos away from their socialist heritage and addiction to taxpayer-funded entitlements which the Democrat party is notorious for dispensing in exchange for votes.

For instance, many Latinos are opposed to border security—it runs counter to the desire to move wherever and whenever they choose, and to hell with American sovereignty, borders, and law.

Many Latinos come to America with little or no interest in learning English and assimilating. Rather, they are adamant about preserving Spanish and living in accordance with third-world culture;

Latinos overwhelmingly support liberal programs which provide food, food stamps, welfare, housing, health care and other benefits at American taxpayer expense.

In sum, illegal aliens are generally unsuited politically and culturally for participation in conservative objectives.

In pursuing their Hispandering agenda, conservatives must answer the question set forth in Matthew 16.26:
For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Translated for the likes of Rand Paul: What is a politician profited, if he shall gain elective office, but lose his nation?