Breaking News From NYC: 16 Oz. Sugary Drinks 1, Michael Bloomberg 0!

By John W. Lillpop

Just when it seemed that freedom and liberty were dead and buried amid the tsunami of progressive lunacy in New York, a Judge in the Big Apple has ruled in favor of common sense, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and against Michael Bloomberg, the demented, progressive billionaire posing as Mayor of the City.

As reported at the reference, Bloomberg’s obscene obsession with keeping adult sizes of sugary –drinks out of the bellies of otherwise law-abiding New Yorkers was smacked down quicker than one can cry “fascist dodo head”:

A State judge on Monday stopped Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration from banning New York City restaurants and other venues from selling large sugary drinks, a major defeat for the mayor who has made public-health initiatives a cornerstone of his tenure at City Hall.

The city is "enjoined and permanently restrained from implementing or enforcing the new regulations," New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling decided Monday.

The regulations are "fraught with arbitrary and capricious consequences," the judge wrote. "The simple reading of the rule leads to the earlier acknowledged uneven enforcement even within a particular city block, much less the city as a whole….the loopholes in this rule effectively defeat the state purpose of the rule."

Bottom Line for Bloomberg: Get your silly nose out of the people’s business and focus of things like murder, rape, car theft and other atrocities. Or have you already eradicated those evils, Mayor?