Great News From TV Cultural Wars: “The Bible” Tops “American Idol”!

By John W. Lillpop

OK, patriots, so America is unquestionably in the sewer economically, socially, militarily, culturally, and politically. However, given the fact that our nation is, and has been, under the control of anti-American Marxists like Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, what else should we expect?

In computer lingo, it’s called, GIGO—or Garbage In, Garbage Out!

GIGO, a most apt acronym for the Obama-Pelosi-Reid tragedy that has America on her heels and headed for the judgment and wrath of the All Mighty!

There are exceptions, of course. As previously reported, Comrades Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz have been reduced in influence by MSNBC, a public service for which all should give profound thanks.

Adding to the emerging trend of civic responsibility among the executive class of TV moguls, is the sensational news that a religious series dedicated to The Bible has roared ahead of the morbidly stupid cesspool called “American Idol.”

As reported at the reference:
It's the David and Goliath of television: an obscure religious miniseries has beaten television's former top show in the ratings.

The premier of the History Channel's The Bible attracted 13.1 million viewers, topping American Idol's 12.8 million viewers on Wednesday of the same week.

The ratings have confounded Hollywood's biggest decision-makers. Overt religious programming can be a notorious tough sell to the public, while American Idol has dominated television for the past eight years.

The about-turn is evidence again that Idol is just not the ratings juggernaut it once, while also pointing to an opportunity for networks to capitalize on the largely untapped religious genre.

Thursday's episode of American Idol sank to an all-time low 3.0 rating for its scheduled episodes, attracting a paltry 11.8 million viewers.

The ratings for television's former top show are less than half of what they were during the height of the shows success, when nearly 37 million people tuned in to watch.”

Perhaps all is not lost, after all?  Maybe Hollywood and the anti-God, anti-American pap produced there is going the way of the typewriter and phone booth?

If so, Forget Hooray for Hollywood: The new refrain will be Good Riddance to Hollywood!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2294206/History-Channels-surprise-hit-The-Bible-tops-flailing-American-Idol-ratings-13-1million-viewers.html#ixzz2Njl6Hv4A

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