Amnesty: Carrot or Stick?

According to progressive thought, as articulated by President Obama, High Priest of Liberal Logic, the fix to the illegal aliens mess is really quite elementary: Grant all 12 million or so amnesty.
By doing just that, there would no longer be any illegal aliens to deal with, at least according to the best and brightest liberal minds.
Technically speaking, the left is right: Make that which is currently illegal, legal and you have fixed the problem.
At least until the next wave of 12 million heads north with the glory of amnesty on their minds!
Another amnesty bail out would include an added bonus for progressives: Democrat party rolls would be replenished with millions of grateful voters for decades.
Mind you, that politics has absolutely nothing to do with the universal support for amnesty among Democrat politicians.
Wink, wink!
However, does anyone remember that America dabbled in amnesty in 1986 with the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA)?
President Reagan signed IRCA into law based on the promise that it would solve the illegal immigration problem, once and for all.
The IRCA granted amnesty to 3-4 million illegal aliens.
Significantly, it also mandated that the government take actions against employers who hire illegal aliens, and against illegal aliens themselves.
The later is called deportation, an old English term hardly ever used in modern America, except to identify bigoted racists, tea party nut balls, and right-wing terrorists.
Unfortunately, instead of ending illegal migration as intended, the amnesty set forth in IRCA has attracted at least an additional 12 million illegal aliens, at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars a year to taxpayers.
Given the liberal obsession with trillion dollar solutions these days, hundreds of billions seems but a mere pittance, a small price to pay for the allegiance of millions of future Democrats.
Nonetheless, it is obvious that the amnesty of 1986 has been more of a carrot than a stick to scores of millions of people living south of our borders.
The tragic fact is that the federal government, under both Democrat and Republican administrations, has blatantly refused to enforce those provisions of IRCA designed to prevent and reverse illegal immigration.
This political malpractice has been the norm, even during time of war!
Remember 9/11? That grim day in American history should have caused our government to seal off the borders permanently.
Instead, government has done nothing to control our borders even as Mexico continues to decline into a failed state of violence where drug cartels appear smarter and stronger than Felipe Calderon and his corrupt Mexican government.
Adding to our misery is this awful truth: America is now controlled by a president who recently CUT the border security budget and by a liberal Secretary of Homeland Security who regards illegal aliens as newly arrived refugees!
Those who really care about America need to remember those facts when considering yet another amnesty bail out!