Cypriot Bank Thievery Rooted in Anti-Rich Hatred and Envy

By John W. Lillpop

Those who believe that blatant thievery of the sort which Cypriot depositors are about to suffer cannot happen in Barack Obama’s America are overlooking a vital truth about leftists and their pursuit of agenda items.

Specifically, the confiscation of wealth in Cypress is based on the same disregard (disdain) for individual property rights and blind hatred for the successful that drives Obama and Democrats to use the “rich” as a convenient punching bag to counter the mindless spending and fiduciary recklessness that have left America in a $16.3 trillion deficit hole, with no relief in sight.

As Obama demonstrated last November, when practiced with sinister skill and cunning, class warfare can win elections. Indeed, Obama’s main election strategy was to attack people of means and suggest that all of America’s economic woes could be resolved if only the rich were forced to pay their “fair share.”

The fact that upper-income brackets already pay the overwhelming majority of taxes was conveniently ignored by Obamamites, intent as they were on securing the more massive votes of the great unwashed masses.

There are one hell of a lot more common people than there are people of means,” so goes the logic.

Unfortunately, that logic also causes Marxists to ignore the fact that “the rich” have the Constitutional right to be treated as equal and without the wicked bias and discrimination so pervasive in the White House and US Senate.

Can’t happen here?

Just remember the brutal force used by Obama, Pelosi and Reid to force Obamacare down the throats of people who did not want Marxist medicine.

Hatred is a potent force in life and politics—it could catapult the Marxists into the sort of mercenary evil that is haunting Cypriots!