MSNBC Serious About Clean Air: Jettisons Olbermann and Schultz!

By John W. Lillpop

Lately there has not been much to cheer about for hard-core conservatives: Barack Obama is still in the White House, Harry Reid in the US Senate, and Nancy Pelosi continues to significantly drag down the average IQ in the US House.

There is nothing even approaching a balanced budget, the federal deficit continues to grow, by design, and yet another Bush is threatening to defile the White House with a brand of conservatism that makes no sense to anyone not named Bush.

Illegal aliens are the new preferred class, in both liberal and conservative circles. English is definitely old school, and speaking Spanish is mandatory for scam artists and free loaders looking to make hay off the entitlement insanity which has overwhelmed Barack Obama and his gaggle of Marxist renegades other wise know as Democrats.

Over all, it has been a bad year for the roses and worse for those who believe in honest work, just rewards, and American values.

Still, there ARE some bright lights in the otherwise dismal sky and both concern the ugly doings at MNSBC where Ed Schultz and Keith Olbermann have failed to survive the judgment of the free market in television broadcasting.

The unlovely Keith Olbermann has apparently been out of work for at least two years, a fact that renders one much less sympathetic to the plight of the unemployed.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bloke, ya know?

Meanwhile, MSNBC has excused the bellicose and bloated Ed Schultz from the obligation to disgrace the news industry during prime time. Mr. Ed will henceforth be seen and heard only as a fill-in for dopey commercials during non-regular, unannounced time slots.

Hats off to MSNBC for it’s contribution to cleaning the airwaves and making it safer for all to breathe.