Who Needs Keystone Pipeline? Let’s Nationalize Venezuelan Oil—Under Auspices of US!

By John W. Lillpop

Hugo Chavez has gone on to the next life and, although he was a bit of a stinker to the US, we wish the charismatic(?), totalitarian the best. He will no doubt be happy to learn that his destiny in eternity involves the company of no-account weasels like Oliver Stone and Sean Penn, the pleasure of which will be enhanced by perpetual flames and huge bellows of smoke!

As far as we know, W. Bush will not be there, but what the hay, Hugo. Can’t have everything after you have been so naughty for 58 long years!

Chavez leaves behind what are purported to be the largest oil reserves on the planet! And what timing!

Under Barack Obama’s zero-energy plan, gasoline prices are soaring past the $4/gallon mark-- again. The Keystone Pipeline is back in the news—again. And Iran is reportedly close, oh so close, to being nuclear-bomb capable—again.

America’s ability to prevent Iran from actually going nuclear has been largely based on the twin myths of diplomacy (Talk, talk, and more talk) combined with sanctions.

With Chavez’s passing, Islamic tyrants in Tehran must be salivating at the very thought of all that oil in Venezuela, and the fact that there is no longer a chubby dictator to protect said assets.

How very convenient it would be for Iran to requisition Chavez’s legacy for itself and the spread of Islamic terrorism throughout the globe, with the ultimate goal of eliminating Israel!

But wait! America has vital interests in that oil as well—provided we can keep Barack Obama off the golf course long enough to tend to the legitimate needs of our nation.

Here’s what should happen: The United States military should take over the Venezuelan oil fields and declare them nationalized—as American assets!

You say that sounds unfair and too aggressive?

Remember, please, that Hugo Chavez was fervently anti-American, and worse, in his claims that America was home to greedy capitalists intent on colonizing any soil with even a trace of oil to exploit.

Thanks to Chavez, that is already how Latin America views America! So, let’s stop fighting the Spanish-speaking propaganda moguls and instead affirm their worse fears, now that it is in our national interest to do so!

Invade Venezuela, Mr. Obama, and you can forget about the Keystone Pipeline!

Invade Venezuela, Mr. Obama, and turn those oil factories over to Shell and Exxon, and you will generate all the added “revenues” you need for the foreseeable future.

It’s a win-win! Take over Chavez’s abandoned oil reserves and restore the American economy, save America from global warming, and save Israel from annihilation.

What could be simpler? Invade Venezuela!