Living in the Era of False Prophets and False Profits!

By John W. Lillpop

Woe be unto we the people of America, at one time thought to be God’s chosen!

Surely the almighty has forsaken us and cursed our once great nation with the presence of doom and gloom purveyors, and with money grubbers selling pie-in-the-sky stocks to replace the American Dream, now an old-school relic from the distant past.

False prophets continually invade our universe to warn against non-existent dangers like global warming, also referred to by newly-minted, politically-correct phooey as “Climate Change.”

According to gifted pseudo-scientists like Al Gore and Prince Charles, unless immediate corrective action is taken, the planet will literally melt, thereby morphing our six billion plus souls into one huge ball of involuntary diversity.

Unless, that is, man-created climate change prompts a new “Ice Age,” in which case our six billion plus tushes will freeze together!

False prophets also warn we the people of the perils involved when reduced spending, balanced budgets, and other fiscally-sound, but socially insensitive, austerity practices are attempted.

According to the left, such actions are doomed to failure since they deny minorities and women Constitutionally-protected rights to wealth, health, and happiness, including abortions and contraception and, in some cases, sex-change surgery and therapy.

The evils of fiscal sanity had false prophets in a heated dither during the recent debates over the Sequester, with progressives like President Barack Obama warning of a complete breakdown of national defenses (a goal Democrats have eagerly pursued for decades!), mass starvation except for illegal aliens on food stamps, disruption of Social Security benefits to needy seniors except illegal aliens registered as Democrats, and other calamities too horrid to discuss in front of children.

To the chagrin of Obama and fellow Marxists, the only negative results to date have been brought about by political abuse executed by Obama himself in releasing illegal aliens from jail, canceling White House tours, and similar nonsense which, far from bolstering the argument that reduced spending is bad, has made it painfully clear that Obama and the Democrats will go to any lengths to distort the truth so as to avoid responsible fiscal governance.

As if the False Prophets were not enough, America is also being plagued by another round of False Profits as illustrated by the obscene upward gyrations of the stock market.

Yes, even as America struggles to deal with permanently-high unemployment, immoral federal deficits, and a President and Congress unwilling to agree that excessive spending is a huge problem, the moguls of Wall Stock ring up record highs, day after bloody day!

What the hell is going on? With more than 47 million Americans on food stamps, 47 percent of the population not working and/or not paying taxes, how is it that the barons of Wall Street are having so damn much fun? Whatever happened to Dodd-Frank?

Whatever happened to Obama’s fairness argument? Shouldn’t the well-heeled be forced to endure a “fair share” of the misery dumped on the rest of we the people?

Not that long ago, Alan Greenspan coined the term “Extravagant Exuberance” to explain the inexplicable on Wall Street.

In 2013, Ben Bernanke appears comatose by comparison to the cautious Greenspan. In fact, Bernanke is bragging about his “pumping” strategy to keep money flowing.

The big question: Will America be done in first by False Prophets or by False Profits?