What Would Jesus Say About the “115 Princes of the Church” and the Gaudy Conclave?

By John W. Lillpop

As the world anxiously awaits a cloud of white smoke to emerge from the Sistine Chapel indicating that the 115 so-called “Princes of the Church” have settled on a new Pope, one must wonder what Jesus must think about all the pomp and ceremony, hypocrisy, and shame surrounding the modern-day Church?

The conclave is supposed to be comprised of Holy men of God dedicated to selecting a Pope to represent Jesus on earth. The new Pope will be responsible for tending to a flock of 1.2 billion faithful followers, and for providing all of human kind with spiritual manna as regards compassion, peace, love, and hope.

What would Jesus say about the fact that Roger Mahoney is among the 115 “princes” who has a voice in selecting the next pontiff? The same Mahoney who wasted $600 million dollars of Church proceeds to settle and bury sexual crimes committed by Catholic priests against young, innocent worshipers?

The same Mahoney who was finally stripped of all diocese responsibilities by the church following years of decadent evil while clothed in the garments of the Holy Spirit?

What of the rumors and innuendoes concerning the sudden resignation of Pope Benedict and the possibility that even more devastating scandal has infected the Catholic Church, much of it homosexual and pedophile in nature?

Would Jesus be proud of his modern-day church and the image of Him that is being portrayed in the gaudy freak show now being staged at the Vatican?

Or would Jesus explode in righteous indignation, as he did toward money-changers in the temple, at the blasphemy, hypocrisy and evil of the conclave of demons seeking to deceive the masses?