Why Not Tax the Lean to Cover the Needs of the Obese?

By John W. Lillpop

Progressive tax policies, besides being immoral and discriminatory, are illogical, and mostly involve punishing the well-to-do for doing so damn well.

Indeed, soaking the rich is based on the faulty premise that,  since the successful have more, it is the responsibility of the government(s) to level the playing field by seizing wealth from the well-off and giving said booty to the “less fortunate.”

Less fortunate?  Or less motivated and/or talented?

Having made the immoral leap of faith which allows, even requires, government to treat individuals differently based on class, it is but a tiny step to the day-light robbery that is infecting the island of Cypress, and those unfortunate enough to have substantial assets on deposit in Cypriot banks.

Talk about “less fortunate”! That would be the sorry bloke or blokess who, by government fiat, is suddenly 40 percent less “flush” in order to pay the bills for the reckless and moronic under classes, aided and abetted by reckless and moronic government bureaucrats!

Of course it makes absolutely no sense!  Why should a person of means be punished for being successful?  Why should the well- off be obligated to fund the excesses and imbecilic spending of the great unwashed masses?

An example might be as follows:

Because of the rapidly expanding mid-sections and posteriors of the American public, First Lady Michele Obama, in cahoots with Homeland Security dictator Janet Napolitano and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have decided that the health care costs for treating (there is NO preventing!) obesity is unfairly on the backs, not to mention rears and waists, of the---obese!

Yes, the obese eat the wrong types and quantities of food and fail to exercise, which gives life to the fat monster!

Still, according to the finest liberal minds, the obese are “victims” and, as such, deserve government intervention and fulfillment of the Constitutional guarantee to the pursuit of happiness, regardless of one’s race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation or Body Mass Index (BMI).

Thus, Michele Obama, Janet Napolitano, and Michael Bloomberg conspire to hatch a progressive tax proposal that will tax the lean in order to meet the costs and burdens of the obese on the American taxpayer!

What could be fairer?

Make a lot of money and stay in top physical shape, and  the federal government and the State of New York will come after you with a vengeance-- in the name of equality and fundamental fairness, and the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights.

A lean tax is just what America needs to cut the deficit and provide for the less fortunate  and morbidly obese.

It is also sadly the new “way that it is” in Barack Obama’s America!