Why Not Scott Walker (R-WI) for VEEP?

By John W. Lillpop

Assuming that current polling numbers hold up through June 5, the Republican Party may be blessed with a new, iconic conservative to help lead the party out of the Obama morass and into the sunshine of healthy capitalism come November.

His name is Scott Walker, current Governor of Wisconsin, who will stand before the people of his state on June 5 to tout a number of powerful economic reforms which have brought good economic news to Wisconsin.

Walker’s efforts have also produced plenty of hatred from Democrats, especially union members whom Walker has targeted for “fair share” reforms in these budget-weary times.

Democrats and union leaders have fought back hard against the successes of Walker with a Recall election that will decide his fate on June 5.

As of May 26, Walker is faring quite well in the polls as reported , in part, at Reference 1:

Despite a massive outpouring of support and cash from unions, a new Reason-Rupe poll indicates that things may not be going so well for Tom Barrett, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s recall rival.

According to the new survey, Gov. Walker, the much-maligned “enemy of unions” and “assaulter of working families,” leads his challenger by 50-42 among those likely to vote in the June 5 election. The same poll also shows former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney trailing President Barack Obama 46-36.

The survey asked 708 Wisconsin taxpayers a variety of questions pertaining to the recall election and the presidential election via cell phone and landlines.

What were some of the specific findings*?

 49 percent of all adults surveyed approve of President Obama’s performance while 45 percent disapprove.

 While President Obama leads Romney by 46-36, 6 percent chose libertarian Gary Johnson (which reduces the gap between the president and Romney to 45-41).

 72 percent favor new requirements on public sector workers to contribute more to their own pensions.

 71 percent favor government employees paying 12 percent of their own health care premiums (as opposed to the previous 6 percent).

The poll shows many in Wisconsin favor Gov. Walker’s reforms. In fact, the survey indicates some taxpayers don’t think Gov. Walker was wide-sweeping enough with his union reform legislation. Some voters think police and firefighters should have been included in the pension and healthcare adjustments.

“The public supports asking government workers to pick up more of the tab for their own retirement benefits, as 65 percent say public sector workers receive better pension and health care benefits than private sector workers,” Reason’s Emily Ekins writes.”

Meanwhile, presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney continues his search for a running mate whom can help send Barack Obama into early retirement.
Should Walker win his June 5 battle, who would argue against his name being tossed in the hat for consideration as VEEP?

Why not a Mitt Romney-Scott Walker ticket, and hopefully, new administration?