Unlawful Assault on Constitutional Right to Be Obese Now Codified in Massachusetts Law!

A Call to Arms for the Cupcake Revolution!

By John W. Lillpop

Michelle Obama’s meddling nanny-state socialism is responsible, at least indirectly, for yet another scandalous attack on a fundamental right guaranteed to all Americans by the U.S. Constitution.

That would be the inalienable right to slothful living, including incorporation of obesity, even morbid obesity if so desired, into one’s lifestyle at the sole discretion of the individual patriot.

With great regret, it is now reported that Creeping Michelle-fascism has consumed the people of Massachusetts and may be headed to your school lunch room soon.

As reported at the reference:
Massachusetts is banning bake sales in its public schools starting Aug. 1, the Boston Herald reported.
The state’s new nutrition rules forbid the sale or serving of unhealthy food that’s not part of the regular lunch program in hallways, cafeterias, vending machines or school stores from 30 minutes before the school day begins until 30 minutes after it ends, the Boston Herald reported. Bake sales are banned, as are cupcakes brought to school for junior’s classmates on his birthday.
Officials are even encouraging schools to apply the ban 24/7, which would end sales of foods like hot dogs and baked goods at evening, weekend and community events, the Boston Herald reported.

"Clearly it's to really create an environment in schools where kids have an opportunity to make choices among healthy options,” Mass. Department of Public Health Medical Director Dr. Lauren Smith told ABC affiliate WCVB TV in Boston.

“We're at a place in Massachusetts where one-third of our kids in schools are either overweight or obese.”
School districts in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, New York and Texas have already banned bake sales, Bloomberg Businessweek reported”
Government interference through promotion of unsustainable height-weight charts and banning of bakery sales are a clear and present danger to all Constitution-loving Americans and must be resisted at all costs.

In addition, the Constitutional right to “pursuit of happiness,” although it does not set forth an implicit guarantee of the right to kill one’s self with Twinkies and consumption of all that is tasty and good, is understood by chubby scholars to mean that none in government, including the likes of Michelle Obama, is empowered to impose their will on We the People when it comes to Big Macs, Rib Eye steak, hot dogs, popcorn, or any other essential staple of the American diet.

Especially sacred are CUPCAKES!

In other words, Mrs. First Lady, you are free to replace cupcakes with carrot sticks and unsalted celery as you wish--for yourself and the rest of the first family-- provided you do not threaten the health or life of the president.

However, We the People do not give a damn what you think with respect to what we eat and what we feed our children.

Mitts off!

Back in the 1700s, folks in Massachusetts led the way with the Boston Tea Party which concerned taxes.

The torch has now been passed to a new generation of Americans who must now take up the battle and rally behind the “Cupcake Revolution,” and preservation of liberty and freedom associated with the cupcake.

We must not allow some half-baked liberal folly to circumvent our fundamental right to bakery sales!