To Real Americans, Today Is May 5!

By John W. Lillpop

When and how did so many people become obsessed with celebrating a foreign holiday here in God's country?

I refer, of course, to the madness concerning the 5th of May which has been transformed into a national day of drunkenness, civil disobedience, and irreverence, all in the name of celebrating Mexico, a failed, third world, foreign culture of garbage!

Why do we bother with Cinco de Mayo when there are no are no similar days set aside to celebrate the cultures of Poland, or Afghanistan, or Japan?

Fact is, there are many, many nations far more worthy of celebrating than the dismal place known as Mexico.

The PC left will contend that we need to break out in protest marches and terminal alcohol poisoning in order to honor the large Mexican population here in America.

To which the logical rejoinder is: A huge percentage, and perhaps a majority, of the Mexicans in America are here illegally! Do not belong here, have no right to be here!

What America really needs is a new "Invasion Free day," to augment, but not replace, July 4.

Our new Invasion Free day can be established and celebrated once goof balls in Congress and the White House act to enforce our existing immigration laws by issuing a carte blanche deportation order that directs all local, state, and federal agencies to join in a cooperative effort to root out and kick out the 38 million or so illegal vermin currently plaguing America.

An "Invasion Free" day is what America really needs, instead of some foreign Cinco de Whatever nonsense!