Governor Brown to California: We Have $16B Gap--PLEASE Raise Your Own Taxes!

By John W. Lillpop

California Governor Jerry Brown has a very BIG problem :His budget is out of whack by $16 billion dollars.

Which leaves the Moonbeam governor in the unenviable position of begging voters to raise their own taxes because bureaucrats in Sacramento miscalculated the budget math by about seven billion dollars.

In other words, lefty Brown is, in essence, saying to voters, “We in government goofed, and to make up for our goof, we need for YOU to send another $7 billion to the same dim wits here in Sacramento who dropped the ball to begin with!”

Has there ever been a more insane argument delivered by a so-called professional politician?

Given the fact that California politicians have a long, sorry history of spending more than they take in, why in the hell would any sane voter agree to send more hard-earned income to the idiots who scoff at concepts such as “Living within your means” ?

Still, California’s budget woes do help focus attention on a major problem: Simple math is apparently beyond the skill sets of the Governor and most Democrats in state government.

Corrective actions should include mandatory continuing education for all elected officials in the area of simple math, with special emphasis on the fact that negative balances are simply not acceptable and will not be countenanced.


State law should be amended to provide for the immediate arrest and detention of the governor and legislative leaders in the event that an out-of-balance budget is signed into law!

The news is even more harrying for California, given the huge tax increase headed our way as a result of the Obama-created mess at the federal level.

Adding more state taxes to the mix will bankrupt plenty of voters and will seal the fate of California as an anti-business, anti-growth, anti-jobs Mecca for unrepentant tax and spend liberals.

And that is PROGRESSIVE?