Whatever Will America Do for Laughs Without Joe Biden?

Joe Biden: We Will Miss the Laughs and Buffoonery!

By John W. Lillpop

When the votes are all counted and paid for late in the afternoon or early evening of November 6, 2012, it seems within reason to project that We the People will have chosen “regime change” as the most viable option for fixing that which ails 310 million of us, all weary as hell from fighting the equivalent of a second revolution, this time against forces of liberal tyranny and Marxism.

At that point, we will have redeemed our form of self-governance and preserved the future of our children and their grand children by removing the incumbent at 1600 Pennsylvania, Barack Hussein Obama, primary occupant of the Oval Office and, as history will surely record, the least effective president in the long and glorious history of our republic.

President Obama and wife Michelle and their two daughters will be required to vacate the White House and make room for Republican Mitt Romney whose vision of  “Change” will be limited to undoing the damage inflicted during the Obama occupation.

America will celebrate Barack Obama’s involuntary departure with great fan fare and celebration.

Stock markets will immediately soar; unemployment will drop to levels not forecast to be realized for years; our enemies in Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia will recognize that America has been revitalized, resulting in an immediate end to nuclear ventures by the aforementioned nations, and a renewed sense of hope through strength.

Like it used to be BO, before Obama.  Oh, the audacity of winning!

But while Americans will look “forward” eagerly to January 20, 2013 as a new set point for American Exceptionalism, there will also be a sense of deep loss.

That is because the indefatigable Joe Biden, also referred to as Vice President, will also be forced to forgo his privileged accommodations and lifestyle to make room for a new Vice President.

There is no way of knowing for sure whom will take Biden’s spot as Veep. However, whom ever it happens to be,  one can know of a certainty that the new man or woman will pale in comparison to the affable, but sometimes goofy, Biden.

Biden has a well deserved reputation as the clown prince of the White House, one who never fails to make even the most sober situation a little less onerous by saying and doing funny—and REALLY stupid!—things.

The biggest question that we the people will confront on the morning of November 7 will be: Whatever Will America Do for Laughs Without Joe Biden?