More “Fundamental” Transformation from Obama: The “Gaying” of America!

By John W. Lillpop

When presidential candidate Barack Obama promised (threatened) to “fundamentally transform America,” most political pundits speculated that an Obama presidency would result in higher taxes, political agendas that were decidedly biased against business and pro-union, diminished emphasis on national defense and homeland security, uncontrolled domestic spending, and all sorts of government interference into matters best left in the hands of the non-government, private sector.

Back then, in the good old days of 2008, there was scant mention or warning that President Barack Obama would gut traditional family values and embrace notions so liberal that the very foundation of western culture and society would be rocked to the core.

To wit, whom would have guessed that Obama’s most profound legacy would be the “Gaying of America?”

Yet there he is, 44th US President Barack Obama, with his image gracing  the cover of the current edition of Newsweek Magazine with the label: The First Gay President.

A rainbow-hued halo is pictured above Obama’s head, emblematic of his dual mission as a messiah and chief architect of the Gaying of America revolution.

With all due respect to all of the intelligent and patriotic Americans and liberal media who consider themselves “progressive,” is this really what you had in mind when you crafted the Obama image?

Or is this simply another feeble effort to distract attention from the not-in-recovery Obama economy?