Obama’s Relentless Wars on Faith, US Sovereignty, Private Enterprise, and Profits!

By John W. Lillpop

Just how in the hell is President Obama able to remain a viable candidate given the large swaths of the American electorate that he has alienated with anti-American rhetoric and outrageous policies which seek to replace free enterprise with Marxism?

Consider the enemies list that this man has created:

Jews (Israel)


Stay at home mothers

States which have passed laws to manage illegal immigration because President Obama refuses to enforce the law and recognize US sovereignty

Businesses the smallest to the largest entities

The Supreme Court

The US Military

Practitioners of private enterprise

Those with the audacity to make profits and succeed

Good grief, Obama is the quintessential anti-American on every front from business to profit, from borders to religious freedom!
Obama has no respect for American values, traditions, or history. In his myopic view, all that America stands for needs to be changed.

Obama’s latest assault on Mitt Romney and Bain capital even has Democrats joining in the fray to protest the “nauseating” Obama-speak.

Just how in the heck did  this fellow ascend to the office of the Presidency begin with?
How can anyone so vehemently opposed to profits, religious freedom, and stay at home mothers be elected to serve as the nation's chief executive officer?

How did we elect a man who made it his business, as one of his first official acts as president, to declare that “America is NOT a Christian nation” while apologizing for our great nation on Muslim soil?

Who in the hell authorized this naive, inexperienced Marxist renegade to trash170 million Americans who are Christians?

What would the Founding Fathers think of a president who refuses to enforce US borders and immigration laws and then actually sues sovereign states for taking action to protect their citizens from illegal aliens, a demographic that the president courts and panders to without shame?

How would the Founding Fathers regard Obama’s decision to fire 165 Tomahawk missiles into Libya without Congressional approval because, according to the president, “hostilities” were not involved?

How would the Founding Fathers feel about Obama’s refusal to honor the First Amendment religious rights of the Catholic Church with regard to mandates which violate the religious position of the church?

How would the Founders regard a president who, for 20 years, sat in the pews and listened to the rants of an alleged pastor who screamed, "God DAMN America" to his congregation?

How would the Founding Fathers feel about a president who opposes private enterprise and whose anti-business, anti-profit rhetoric is used to discourage exercise of the entrepreneurial spirit by the private sector?

Would the Founding Fathers agree that profit is an American evil?

Or, would they rightfully conclude that 21st Century American voters are barking mad by voting for a man whom is so out-of-touch with what it means to be an American?