Weeping for America

By John W. Lillpop

To be perfectly clear, I am not a fan of Barack Obama. In my view, he lacks the experience and requisite love of America to serve as our president.

From economic policy to war making, to enforcing the rule of law, President Obama seems to be at odds with the history and culture of America.

After nearly three tragic years under this president, we the people now understand that his lofty goal of "fundamentally transforming America," involves waging war against free enterprise business and traditional family values in favor of growing government and implementing socialist programs like ObamaCare and redistribution of wealth.

Still, aside from Obama’s wrong-headed ideological bent,the greatest damage from his tenure is the humiliating downsizing of the American presidency, its image and stature.

Once accepted as the most powerful position in the world, under Obama the U.S. presidency has been weakened so much that the president is now forced to grovel and crawl in order to present his jobs plan to a joint session of Congress.

What the has hell happened to our great nation when the incumbent president is so distracted and out-of-focus that he schedules an important national address at the same time as a political debate on the schedule for months?

Incredibly, Obama’s latest gaffe forced him to retreat to a time slot which infringes on the start of the pro-football season.

That is both unacceptable and humiliating, not only to Obama, but to all Americans.

We used to be better than that.

As a result of Obama’s failed stewardship, the American presidency, at one time a great and formidable institution, is now pathetically weak and impotent.

Which means it is time to weep for America, including even Barack Obama!