Maxine Waters, Congressional Black Caucus Demand ‘Racial Profiling’ to Combat Black Unemployment

By John W. Lillpop

Most liberals consider racial profiling to be immoral, unconstitutional, and downright un-American. Especially when such practice is used to prevent another gang of young, middle-eastern males who speak Arabic from repeating the carnage of 9/11.

Or when a state like Arizona tries to protect its citizens, of all colors and creeds, from being abused and harmed by illegal aliens from Mexico and points south.

In other words, racial profiling is evil when used to protect America from harm a the hands of people of color.

However, liberal loathing of profiling disintegrates in mid-air when the practice is used to bestow special benefits to, say, illegal aliens who, because most are Hispanic, deserve gifts like the DREAM act and other pandering.

Liberal insanity on this issue reached new lows of morality when Maxine Waters openly challenged President Obama to use race in deciding who has the greater priority for getting government booty.

As reported at the reference, Ms. Waters left little doubt about where her sentiments are when she asked, “Are the unemployed in the African-American community, including almost 45 percent of its youth, as important as the people of Iowa?” Waters asked.

Wow! If that is not a plea for government action based on racial profiling, then what is?

Racial profiling: An evil from hell—unless you stand to profit!

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0911/62979.html#ixzz1XOATBaw2