Time for a Palestinian State--In Saudi Arabia!

Time for a Palestinian State--In Saudi Arabia!

By John W. Lillpop

By now everyone knows that the Palestinians and the Jews of Israel can never live in peace. Both sides hate the other with a passion that we Americans will never be able to grasp.

Jews fighting Palestinians is like cats chasing mice: It’s a part of nature that always has been, always will be.

Still, the world pines for a Palestinian state right in the midst of Israel. A ‘no-Jew allowed’ state, to make things ever so more complex.

The Israel-Palestinian turmoil has existed forever—so what makes a na├»ve community organizer from the alleys of Chicago think he can fix this mess?

The answer is unbridled arrogance peppered with ghastly ignorance!

Obama’s mouthing off about the Israel-Palestinian kerfuffel has already cost him needed support among Jews, including the turnover of Anthony Weiner’s seat to a Republican, the first such happening since 1923.

The president’s dithering is about to cost him even more deterioration of prestige when the Jews and Palestinians take off the gloves at the UN this week.

If Obama orders the veto of the Palestinian bid for statehood, he will see a deterioration of relationships with Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations.

On the other hand, if the US does not block the Palestinian bid, American Jews may bolt and hammer the final nail in Obama’s dwindling reelection chances.

Truly, the situation seems insolvable for The One, who already is knee-deep in problems created by his lonesome.

In the perpetual food fight between the Jews and Palestinians, the ONLY solution with a prayer of working is to keep the parties as far apart as possible.

Given the fact that Israel is so tiny which makes separation impossible, the alternative that seems to make sense would to carve out an appropriate chunk of Saudi Arabia and designation said land as the state of Palestine.

Surely, with all of the land and resources at his disposal, King Abdullah would not begrudge assignment of a minor piece to the Palestinians, in the name of peace.

After all, Islam is the religion of peace, right?