More Leftist Idiocy: Forcing Inferior Health Care on American Citizens in order to Cover Illegal Aliens

By John W. Lillpop

Have liberals lost their collective minds? Perhaps the thrill of having unchecked power has made Democrats oblivious to common sense and reasonable thought?

Whatever the cause, most Democrats, including President Obama, seem intoxicated by their own press clippings and intent on pushing liberal insanity to the max.

For instance, the grotesque health care reform bill in the US House would force hundreds of millions of American citizens into inferior, HMO-type health care in order to cover tens of millions of illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens who have no right to even be in America, much less cared for at the expense of American citizens!

How in the hell can such idiotic thinking originate with any party other than the Communist Party of the United States (CPUS)?

Even more profound, why in the hell is the president of the United States supporting such reform at a time when the national economy is in free fall and the national deficit has exploded as a result of his reckless spending mistakes?

If President Obama and his leftist supporters really cared about American citizens, they would secure our borders and deport every last illegal alien.

To provide health care benefits to invading criminals would be utterly stupid, and would only invite another 20 million or so to invade and our nation.

Wake up President Obama and liberals everywhere: We don't need no stinkin' health care for illegal aliens!

Kick illegal aliens out and focus on protecting and meeting the needs of American citizens, or face deportation from elective office at the hands of American citizens!