Can a "Waterloo" Reckoning Save America?

By John W. Lillpop

Senator Jim DeMint, South Carolina's only genuine Republican now serving in the most deliberative body on the planet, has correctly identified Obamacare as a $1.6 trillion fairy tale (with a bad ending) that would replace the best heath care system in the world with inferior HMO rationing coverage for most Americans.

DeMint is right again in hoping that this outrageous assault on the health care choices and future prosperity of the American people are widely recognized for being a socialist nightmare, AND for hoping that Obamacare is defeated in its tracks.

Note, too, that President Obama has resorted to using "scare tactics" to drum up support for a plan that he admits he is not familiar with! How immature is that?

DeMint is also right on the money in declaring that, if defeated, Obamacare may be a "waterloo" moment that will stop Obama man from inflicting even further harm with foolish and costly actions involving climate change and amensty for invading criminals from Mexico.

After all, in just six months, this administration has broken all records in accumulating trillions of dollars of federal deficit, with one report indicating that a worse-case-scenario could result in a $23 TRILLION deficit as a result of Obama's out of control spending on Marxist causes.

Thank goodness, DeMint's "waterloo" remark has caught the president's attention and that of dim wits on the left who support bankrupting America in order to install socialism.

Which means that DeMint has hit a very sensitive nerve and should continue to attack with every weapon in his arsenal, until Obamacare is declared dead and arrangements have been made for a respectful means to dispose of the remains.

To date, Barack Obama has been the "emperor without clothes" whom the mainstream media and equally naked Democrats have protected.

Bravo to Senator Jim DeMint for having the courage to tell it like it is!