Liberals Plotting Another Trillion Dollar "Stimulus" Bill?

By John W. Lillpop

Don't look now, but the same liberals who fleeced the American people with the first trillion-dollar stimulus rip-off are quietly making a move to do it again.

As reported at abcnews, in part:


"Today on ABCNews.com’s “Top Line,” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., said a second stimulus is “probably needed,” and predicted that Congress is likely to act before the end of the year to inject even more federal dollars into the economy.

"Said Whitehouse: “I think that it is probably needed. We’re going to need to have some further discussion. It will probably take place towards the end of the year and we want to take a look at the economic conditions at the time. But it certainly should be on the table at this point.”

"He continued: “We very may well need to do a second stimulus, and we have to reassure the American people that just because the banks are back on better footing again, we haven’t overlooked them. They’re the priority, and we gotta make sure that’s clear.”

Excuse the skepticism Senator Whitehouse, but isn't the first trillion dollar pork bill a significant factor in the deepening recession and march toward double digit unemployment?

In fact, another trillion dollar stimulus makes about as much sense as:

* Using gasoline to fight a roaring fire.

* Giving an alcoholic a drink to soothe his shaky nerves and hands.

* Treating an obese child to a hot fudge sundae in order to make her feel better after being called "fat" at school.

* Gifting a dying lung cancer patient in Hospice Care with a pack of unfiltered Pall Mall smokes to lift his "sagging spirits."

The story from the referenced link continues, in part:

"Whitehouse’s home state of Rhode Island is among the hardest-hit in the current economic downturn. In light of a Providence Journal story revealing that most stimulus money headed to Rhode Island has gone to close the state’s budget gap -- instead of on job-creating projects -- we asked the senator whether he was satisfied with the spending pace and overall impact of the first stimulus measure.

'No -- obviously not,” he said. “I think that the sooner we can get these jobs out for people the better off they will be, and the sooner the economy can really start to turn around in a way that means something to regular people and not just to bank executives. So, we’ve got a job to do to try to speed that up.'

"The Obama administration, while acknowledging that the stimulus’ impact hasn’t been what they predicted it would be, is putting off questions about a second stimulus.

"On ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden said that while administration officials “misread the economy” earlier this year, it’s too soon to say whether more stimulus spending is necessary."

Translated into working English, the VP was saying, in effect, "Look, we don't know what the hell we are doing, and Obamanomics is obviously failing miserably. Before we swindle the people out of another trillion dollars, we Democrats want to make sure that we can blame George W. Bush for the first trillion."

Has there ever been a more cogent argument against single party governance?

The economic Armageddon now taking place is a direct result of having no responsible oversight to counter tax and spend liberals like Nancy Pelosi.

Does America need a second stimulus?

Only if said stimulus results in massive tax cuts and cancellation of hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and fraud contained in the first Pelosi-Reid-Obama giveaway signed into law in February.