CIA Had Plans to Do WHAT to Al-Qaeda Leaders?

By John W. Lillpop

President George W. Bush was not my favorite president, mostly because of his mind-numbing policies on illegal aliens and his failure to stop out of control spending.

However, no one can accuse W. of shortchanging the American people when it came to fighting the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan so as to keep the streets of Atlanta and Los Angeles safe.

Safe, except, of course, for the millions of invading criminals from Mexico whom marched to demand amnesty and all of the perks that accrue to citizens. This, we were reminded in Spanish, was their "right" for risking their very lives and limbs in the hot, lonely desert to invade our sovereign land.

Which is about as logical as a captured bank robber demanding that all charges against him be dropped and that his freedom be restored immediately because of the significant risk involved in staging an armed robbery.

Aside from W.'s border myopia, the president was diligent in defending America against another terrorist attack,

That diligence paid off because Bush's policies kept America safe for seven plus years after the agonizing events of 9/11, a fact that liberals like to ignore when trashing the former president.

Note, please, that liberals become particularly venomous in their attacks on W. following further evidence indicating that the only jobs created by Obamanomics are in unemployment offices, food stamp centers, and welfare distribution sites.

For example, when the news recently included evidence that the economy was not in recovery and that the federal deficit, caused by liberal spending, was unsustainable, Team Obama dragged out the CIA canard to distract the public from the bread and butter issues of the day.

As reported, in part, at the Wall Street Journal:


"WASHINGTON -- A secret Central Intelligence Agency initiative axed by Director Leon Panetta examined how to assassinate members of al Qaeda with hit teams on the ground, according to current and former national-security officials familiar with the matter

"The goal was to assemble teams of CIA and special-operations forces "and put bullets in [the al Qaeda leaders'] heads," one former intelligence official said."


Killing Al-Qaeda leaders was actually an initiative fostered within the CIA?

Oh, My Goodness, our government was being proactive in protecting the interest of Americans against the thugs who killed 3,000 of us on September 11!

Hurrah, and hurrah again, to W. and the CIA for targeting the outlaws whom started the war on terror!

But, hold on a minute.

W. is gone and we now have a community organizer-appeaser in the Oval Office. A fellow who is so naive as to believe that a silver-tongued black man, like himself, can talk the evil right out of those terrorist thugs!

With Obamamania at the ready, we no longer need shock and awe military campaigns. Kinder and gentler is the MO these days.

The referenced article continues:

"The plan was never carried out, and Mr. Panetta canceled the effort on the day he learned of it, June 23. The next day, he alerted Congress, which didn't know about the plan

"The agency hasn't discussed publicly the nature of the effort, which remains classified," said agency spokesman Paul Gimigliano. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday the effort stemmed from a presidential order dated September 2001 that directed the CIA to find ways to kill or capture al Qaeda leaders.

"The revelation has intensified a growing battle between the executive branch and Congress over the conduct of the CIA and U.S. intelligence operations.

"Democrats in Congress are calling for an investigation into whether or not it was properly briefed on the matter."


Why waste time and money to investigate the CIA? Boneheads like Nancy Pelosi will simply lie or deny, or both.

Still, from the perspective of Democrats, besmirching the image of the CIA provides a terrific cover for the complete failure of Obamanomics, AND for Nancy Pelosi's stuttering and stammering about her briefing on Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, including waterboarding.

Liberals are counting on headlines that scream, "CIA Plans to Murder Foreign Leaders Exposed!"

President Obama will then announce that his administration "inherited" an evil, unconstitutional practice more suitable for a gang of Chicago mobsters than a respected and professional department of the United States government.

Obama will also announce that the CIA has been reorganized under Janet Napolitano at Homeland Security and that transparency, not secrecy, is the new gold standard for our intelligence communities.

Finally, the president will formally apologize to all Al-Qaeda terrorists who might have been targeted by the CIA. And although the CIA did not actually kill any terrorists, Obama will announce a program of reparations to compensate Al-Qaeda family members for any stress caused by the CIA.

That dilly will cost the government $1 trillion dollars, which will paid for by a new federal 25 percent surtax on bullets and handguns!

Which leads to the following urgent question that should be asked of Barack Obama:

Mr. President, when will you acknowledge that your administration "inherited" a system of defense and security that kept this nation safe for seven plus years, and when will you stop destroying that proven defense?