Diversity: The Ignored Mandate in White House Hiring Practices

By John W. Lillpop

Diversity is the undisputed Holy Grail of the left especially in hiring practices. It trumps experience, talent, work skills, and all other objective measurements of qualifications, at least in the muddled minds of liberals.

Why, then, does President Obama continue to hire journalists only from the left side of the universe?

As reported at newsbusters.com, in part:

"Daren Briscoe, a Newsweek correspondent who was embedded with Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, has taken a job with the Obama administration, according to an email sent to a lists of his classmates at the Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.

"The email, written by Time reporter and fellow Columbia grad Jay Newton-Small, said Briscoe would be serving as deputy associate director of public affairs for the Office of National Drug Control Policy as of Monday.

"Despite his multiple basketball games with our commander-in-chief, he always brought a skeptical eye to his work and in conversations about the candidate," Newton-Small wrote the email. "

By looking only to the left, President Obama is overlooking some very talented journalists whose perspective is more conservative.

A partial list of conservative luminaries includes:

Jonah Goldberg
Joseph Farah
Judi Mcleod
Rich Lowry
Pat Buchanan
Tony Blankley
Charles Krauthammer
Ann Coulter
Michelle Malkin

Adding any one of these professionals would provide Obama with some much needed fairness and balance in an administration dominated by left wing hillbillies like Robert Gibbs.

Hell, some of the younger conservatives (like Michelle Malkin) might even agree to shoot hoops with Obama and, regardless of the outcome, would be objectively to the right.

After all, Mr. President, "diversity is our greatest strength," is it not?