Helen Thomas' Declaration of Independence!

By John W. Lillpop

Who would have expected one of the toughest and most loyal liberals in the media to take on the most liberal president in the history of the United States?

In an era in which a television Odd Ball declares that Barack Obama sends a "thrill up and down my leg," nothing but total groveling and surrender is expected from weasels in mainstream media.

However, marking the spirit of the Independence Day holiday, Helen Thomas has declared her personal freedom from Obamamania, at least when it comes to the administration's foolish transparency canard.

As reported, in part, at associatedcontent.com:

"Helen Thomas is not thought of as an Obama critics, since Helen Thomas is the supposed symbol of the liberal media. Helen Thomas was frequently bashed by conservatives for her questions, and speeches, at President Bush. Things are a little different today, as Helen Thomas actually went after the press secretary of a Democratic president. In fact, Helen Thomas actually said that the Obama "control" of the press was worse than Nixon, to further shock the blogosphere.

"Helen Thomas didn't start the battles at yesterday's press briefing, but she certainly highlighted them. Thomas came to the defense of CBS News correspondent Chip Reid, when he tried to ask Press Secretary Robert Gibbs how Obama would choose questions for tonight's town hall meeting in Virginia.

"Reid stated that the administration was controlling both who was going to attend, and what kind of questions would be asked. When Gibbs tried to brush him off, Helen Thomas injected herself in her usual, no-nonsense fashion

"Since Thomas is famous for heated confrontations with press secretaries, and even Presidents, her remarks got more attention. Particularly since Helen Thomas often makes more newsworthy remarks than the press secretary and the President, as they fuel the debate over media coverage and bias one way or another.

"In this case, Thomas told Gibbs that no other White House tried to put this much control over media coverage, and slammed him for doing so despite the administration's calls for "openness and transparency."

"But Thomas saved her biggest quote for afterward, as she told CNS News that not even Richard Nixon had tried to control the media this way. Thomas not only put the Nixon administration on a higher ground than Obama in this area, she didn't even mention George W. Bush as part of it."

Thomas' words are sweet music to the ears of patriots whom have been pointing out Obama's corruption since January 20.

Happy Independence Day, Helen!