What If John Boehner’s Gambit Backfires?

By John W. Lillpop

Speaker John Boehner’s exquisite plan to sue Barack Obama for “failing to faithfully execute the law,” may help jar the Congress, the media, the American people, and even Obama himself out of the doldrums of summer,  the season when even electricity moves slower, or so it seems.

Boehner’s pursuit of political theater is not, however, without risk. Plenty.

For example, what if the judicial authority deciding the issue inexplicably sides with Obama? 

Perish the thought, but what would be left of America if Obama was granted unilateral power to do whatever he wished, and to Hades with Congress?

Should such an awful travesty occur, how long would it take The One to:

Declare the Constitution unconstitutional?

Eliminate both chambers of Congress?

Confiscate all firearms in the possession of private citizens?

Put the EPA in charge of the US economy?

Make abortion a free, on-demand service available to all “with child” women, especially white Christian Republicans?

Declare all borders between America and Mexico “null and void”?

Chilling thoughts to be sure!

But Boehner must be 100% sure of winning before risking even further decimation of America at the hands of Barack Obama!