Harry Reid, “This War Is Lost” Crock Finally Vindicated?

By John W. Lillpop

During a press conference on April 19, 2007, Senator Harry Reid(D-NV), issued the following statement, in part:

REID: This war(Iraq) is lost, and the surge is not accomplishing anything. 

Finally, after six years of mismanagement, retreat, and surrender at the behest of Barack Obama, the bitter truth is undeniable: The war in Iraq HAS been lost, mostly due to defensive indifference.

Along the way, 4,500 American lives were lost, thousands of disabling injuries suffered, and the national treasury relieved of at least $1 trillion green backs.

It took six years, but “dumb” decisions by Barack Obama have made the dingy Democrat from Nevada appear prophetic.

Time to celebrate your “I told you so,” moment in the dark, Senator?