Amnesty Is Really “Voter Fraud” on Steroids!

By John W. Lillpop

The progressive scheme, with support from deluded RINOs,  to obliterate America’s existing immigration laws must be viewed for what it really is: Voter Fraud, on steroids!

Although Barack Obama and like-minded tyrants profess to be driven by humanitarian compassion for non-English speaking, impoverished illegal aliens, the truth is far more cynical, perhaps even criminal.

Indeed, the overwhelming support for amnesty among liberals is based on simple electoral math: Granting citizenship to tens of millions of illegals would unquestionably alter the political balance of power in a manner favorable to nanny-state socialists, at the expense of capitalist, free-market American citizens.

Amnesty would have the intended consequence of immediately transforming  predominantly conservative and Republican “red states” into “blue state” bastions of socialism, and worse, where welfare, food stamps, entitlements, and one-party (Democratic) tyranny would prevail.

Imagine a replication of the insanity which has all but destroyed California, imposed  throughout America!

The harm to American culture, society, economy, and political order wrought by amnesty might take multiple generations to correct, or it might be a permanent blight on America’s cherished legacy.

The burning question: How would the founding fathers regard politicians who deliberately refuse to honor the rule of law in order to “transform” America into a nanny-state of unfettered socialism?

And, just as importantly: What other civilized nation on Earth would allow foreigner invaders to illegally take over government and remake the cultural, social, economic, and political fabric of an entire nation with the greatest record of prosperity and liberty in all of human history?