Obama Refusal to Face Reality Represents “Real and Present” Danger to America

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama holds many beliefs which are contrary to what most Americans believe and to the best interests of our Democracy and people.

His resolute refusal to accept Islam as a major purveyor of evil in the world has led to a series of crucial setbacks, from his foolish policies regarding Libya; Muslim Brotherhood gangsters in Egypt; the vile slaughter of four American diplomats at Benghazi; needless procrastination followed by wretchedly inept judgment in Syria; release of Taliban terrorists from GITMO in exchange for an American military deserter; and, now, the surrender and subsequent decimation of Iraq.

During his helter skelter time in office, Obama has: Declared the war on terror over; forced government agencies to avoid commentary and language critical of Islam; during the 2012  presidential campaign, described Al-Quaeda as ‘decimated’; and, has consistently harassed and failed to uphold the State of Israel.

Stated in the most blunt language possible: Barack Obama seems to own a personal and deep affection for Islam, a condition that renders him unfit for service in a world dominated by Islamic violence.

Barack Obama’s refusal to accept the truth represents a “real and present” danger to America!