A Possible “Out” for Waterless Citizens of Detroit

A Possible “Out” for Waterless Citizens of Detroit

By John W. Lillpop

As President Obama prepares to ask Congress for $2 billion to fund the “humanitarian crisis” he created at the US Border, another deadly serious humanitarian crisis is confronting citizens of the once-proud American city of Detroit.

As reported in the media, thousands of citizens in Detroit have lost water and sewer services because of inability to pay. This continued misery is a direct result of greedy labor unions and “progressive” solutions gone amuck in the Motor City.

Herewith a possible solution for Detroit’s dilemma:

Parents, send your under-18 children to the US-Mexico border in tattered clothes and fractured Spanish, posing as illegal aliens seeking refugee status.
Make a commitment that both the parents and children will vote Democrat for life, a no-brainer since most Detroit folks already accept that constraint at birth.

Do these things and Barack Obama will make sure that your water and sewer service are restored immediately!